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All Of Our Shows On Tape Have Great Sound!
General Information On Cassettes And More.
Any programs that are rated and marked as VG or G are not of the best audio quality.  They have been included and made available to the collector who wants a complete copy of all broadcasts for a particular series.  These lower audio quality cassettes are still listenable.
Each cassette contains 60 minutes worth of enjoyment, unless otherwise noted. Each program listed in this catalog are 30 minutes in length, unless noted (such as 15 minute, 45 minute, or 1 hour programs).  Each cassette comes to you in a high quality plastic box.  All cassettes are low noise, high quality construction.  No factory seconds, cheap, or high hiss cassettes will be used.  Each cassette is shipped in our deluxe crystal clear, soft hinged cassette case.  All programs listed here are of superior sound quality.
Cassettes are a direct transfer, in real time, made from our master cassettes, keeping the sound quality extra crisp and clean.  You need not worry about low volume levels, volume fluctuation, skips, left and right balance level problems, speed pitch, etc.  Each master has been carefully produced to ensure the best possible preservation of programs you enjoy and collect.  We use Dolby B noise reduction on tapes found in our regular catalog.  Our master tapes and the direct transfer copies that you receive are BASF music grade tapes, ensuring the best frequency range reproduction and lowest noise and tape hiss possible.
To further insure the highest quality control possible, we use noise reduction equipment to eliminate any tape hiss in the transfer process.
How To Order
Ordering On-line
You can order on-line by simply clicking on our email and listing the products you desire in the body of the email.  We'll take it from there.
To order - email:
Catalog cassettes: To order the programs you want, you must order the cassette number to the left of the programs listed on that cassette. As an example, by ordering #C05578:
            #C05578 09/20/53 # 1 Jenny
                            09/27/53 # 2 Coward
You will receive the above two THE SIX SHOOTER programs. That is one of our stock catalog cassettes. Each #Cxxxxx number is a separate stock catalog cassette. You will receive the programs, and only those programs, that are listed on that cassette.
Custom cassette recordings: You can order a program from one cassette and another program from a different cassette if you choose. You must identity by cassette, date and title which program you wish to have custom recorded and you must take the entire A or B side of the cassette. We cannot, as an example, record from CHANDU, THE MAGICAN series, cassette C00375 broadcast #244 and from C00376 broadcast #249, on one side of a custom cassette. You would have to order the entire side of C00375 containing both broadcasts #244 and #245 for the first side of your custom cassette and then from cassette C00376 both broadcasts #248 and #249 in order to receive the two 15 minute programs that you want. If you have any questions, or need help with your custom requirements, please call us.
No Lemon Problems - EVER!
We guarantee 100% each cassette with a lifetime guarantee.  No Gimmicks, No Coupons, No Exceptions, No Exclusions.  If you should ever have a problem with any cassette that you've ordered from us, return the original and we will replace it (with the same programs) - free.  To cover your cost, if you should have to return a tape, we will have you pick a free cassette on us!
Costs and Shipping:
Each stock catalog analog cassette costs $4.00.  This includes both C-60 and C-90 cassettes.  Custom recorded analog cassettes cost $8.50 each.
If you require a Norelco style cassette case (instead of our crystal case), please add an additional 10 per case at the time you place your order.
Payments must be in U.S. funds.
Due to extensive increases in shipping, all orders will now be sent Media Mail or UPS.  See below.

Shipping Charges For Cassettes
  $6.00 per order (1 to 99 cassettes)
  100 or more cassettes FREE SHIPPING (via Media Mail)
Please include an actual street address for all orders.  We cannot UPS to a Post Office Box number.  All orders out of the continental United States will be charged actual shipping charges via United States Air Mail.  Please include a telephone number so we may contact you if there is a problem with your order.  Discounts available on large orders.  Please write for information.
Method of Payment:
We accept your personal check, and/or money order (payable to Ted Davenport), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal.  DO NOT SEND CASH.
NOTE: Arkansas customers add 8.50% sales tax.
Additional Information:
All dates and program titles are taken from the best accurate logs available and other authoritative sources.  By using our catalog, you can now correct and update titles and dates of the broadcasts in your collection.  This will make your collecting hobby more enjoyable.
NOTE: All recordings are sold for private home listening and enjoyment only.  No broadcast rights are stated, implied, or given.  RADIO MEMORIES (tm) assumes no responsibility for unauthorized use of these programs.  We believe all programs offered are in the public domain and if anyone knows differently, please advise us so that we may confirm and withdraw the material.
RADIO MEMORIES (tm) does not violate valid copyrights.  RADIO MEMORIES (tm) from time to time, is an authorized distributor of pre-packaged products and material which may contain service marks, trade marks, or copyrights of their respective publishers.
Although we try to keep this site current, prices may change without notice.  Please confirm the actual price for your order when you call.  We are not responsible for typographical errors.
Most orders will be shipped within 2 business days upon receipt of your order.  We are committed to giving you the best possible customer service.
Statement of Principles
We understand the reason you are here... is that you have a need of our services.
Our pledge to you... is to service your needs with the TRUST and HONESTY you expect from US
We know you have a choice.... Refuse to accept ANYTHING but our BEST...
We Guarantee that we will make the servicing of your orders a Pleasant Satisfying Experience.
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