Radio Memories



     An early radio production first heard over NBC on 04/14/30 for Beacon Oil Company and lasted until 01/26/31 before moving to the Blue network on 05/20/31.  This series was heard almost continuously over NBC  and CBS until leaving the air after its finally broadcast on 09/03/48.  Robert L. Ripley hosted throughout the radio run and died not long after the series left the air.  He died on 05/27/49.
C10023 01/17/42 # 1 South America
              01/24/42 # 2 Mexico
C10024 08/04/47 Witches
              08/05/47 Painting
              08/06/47 Washington And Presidents
              08/07/47 The Most Patient Man In The World
C10025 08/08/47 Aboard Ripley's Chinese Junk - Contest Winners
              12/08/47 The Marines
              12/09/47 Blood Is Thicker Than Water
              12/10/47 India
C10026 12/11/47 The High Price Of Meat
              12/12/47 The Panama Canal
              05/10/48 Japanese War Hero
              05/11/48 Emperor Koma
C10027 05/12/48 Friendship
              05/13/48 Bad Luck Will Change
              05/14/48 Early Hawaiian Chiefs
              12/20/49 The Prince Of Wales - The Song Tipi Tin