Radio Memories



C17352 03/24/42 Una Merkel (wow and flutter - Not Complete)
              06/10/43 Mel Blanc (VG-)
C16199 04/08/43 Meat Shortage
              04/15/43 Spreading Rumors
C16200 04/22/43 Easter Fashion
              04/29/43 El Toro Marine Air Station
C16201 05/06/43 Meat Rationing
              05/20/43 White Horse With a Black Tail
C16198 02/18/43 Burns & Allen
              04/01/43 April Fool's Day
C17353 06/24/43 Camp Hood (Origin Of Bazooka) (VG-)
              12/16/43 Carol Landis & Dick Haymes (VG-)
C17354 12/30/43 Eddie Albert (VG-)
              01/06/44 Jimmie Dodd (VG-)
C17355 02/17/44 Income Tax Problems (VG)
              03/09/44 Selling Uncle Fudd's Car (VG)
C17356 05/25/44 Frank Sinatra (VG)
              06/01/44 Cass Daley's Final Show (VG)
C17358 04/19/45 Leo Gorcey To Bob's Ranch (G-VG)
              11/19/45 Christmas Shopping (G-VG)
C17357 05/24/45 Leo Gorcey's Birthday Party (G-VG)
              06/07/45 June Brides (VG)
C17359 05/23/46 The Boat (VG)
              10/06/46 Winston: Prize Hog             
              12/29/46 New Year's Eve )(G-VG)