Radio Memories



     Heard from 06/03/46 to 12/25/49 over the MUTUAL radio network.  Gale Gordon played the title role until 03/01/48 when Elliott Lewis took over the role.  Several additional actor also appeared as Hood.  In 1949 Jackson Beck, followed by Paul McGrath and Martin Gabel.  The series also had a brief run on ABC from 01/25/50 until 08/31/50.
C06708 06/03/46 The Three Silver Pesos
              06/10/46 The Black Museum
C06709 06/17/46 The Murder Of Gregory Hood
              06/24/46 The Adventure Of The Beeswax Candle
C06710 07/01/46 Murder In Celluloid
              07/08/46 Derringer Society
C06711 07/15/46 South Of The Border
              07/22/46 The Red Capsule
C06712 07/29/46 Forgetful Murderer
              08/05/46 Double Diamond
C06713 09/30/46 Gregory Hood, Suspect
              10/07/46 Sad Clown