Radio Memories



     First heard over WGN in Chicago on 05/09/40 it soon was moved over to the Mutual radio network.  From 10/05/40 until 05/07/55 it was a 60 minute staple of 10-- 00 p.m. on Saturdays.  Along with the great music, some of the dramatic cast members heard were Bret Morrison, Les Tremayne, Willard Waterman, Marvin Miller and Betty Lou Gerson.  Henry Weber conducted.
C06924 07/30/49 Summer Concert Series
C06925 08/06/49 Summer Concert Series
C06926 08/13/49 Summer Concert Series
C06927 10/22/49 The Mikado
C06928 10/29/49 The Pink Lady
C06929 11/05/49 The Chocolate Soldier
C06930 11/19/49 The Gondoliers
C06931 11/26/49 The Vagabond King
C06932 12/31/49 The Merry Widow
C06933 03/04/50 No, No, Nanette
C06934 04/29/50 Bittersweet
C06935 05/06/50 The Gypsy Princess
C06936 07/08/50 Summer Concert Series
C06937 08/19/50 Summer Concert Series
C06938 08/26/50 Summer Concert Series