Radio Memories



C17991 07/18/48 Denmark Vesey Story
              07/25/48 Frederick Douglas, Part 1
C17992 08/01/48 Frederick Douglas, Part 2
              09/05/48 Poet In Pine Mill: James W Johnson
C17993 09/26/48 Shakespeare Harlem: Lanston Hughes
              10/17/48 Boy Who Was Traded For a Horse
C17994 11/07/48 Echoes Of Harlem: Duke Ellington
              05/15/49 Ballad Of Satchel Paige
C17995 07/31/49 Trumpet Talks: Louis Armstrong
              08/07/49 Long Road: Mary Church Terrel
C17996 09/04/49 Saga Of Senator Blanche K Bruce
              10/09/49 Father To Son: Adam Powell Sr. & Jr.
C17997 11/06/49 Man Who Owned Chicago: DuSable
              03/12/50 Premonition Of Panther: Ray Robinson
C17998 03/26/50 The Liberators: William Lloyd Garrison
              06/11/50 Shy Boy: Fats Waller
C17999 07/02/50 Kansas City Call: Nat King Cole
              08/13/50 Last Letter Home: 332nd Fighters
C16074 01/21/51 #15 Anna's Story
              03/04/51 #21 Benjamin Drake Story