Radio Memories



     29 broadcasts were made for this series between 12/04/57 and when it left the air on 06/13/58.  The series originated in the New York studios of the Mutual network.  Heard over the airwaves were Mandel Kramer, Lawson Zerbe, Lon Clark and Bryna Raeburn.
C09769 1957 First Contact
              1957 Happiness Effect
C09770 1957 Overture Of The Beauty Queen
              1957 Space Baby
C09771 1957 Telepathic
              1957 Trouble With Robots
C09772 1957 Venus Diamond Mountain
              1958 The Convict
C09773 1958 Dreams
              1958 First Contact
C09774 1958 The Mutants
              1958 Overpopulation
C09775 1958 The Secret
              1958 Time Traveler