Radio Memories



     Heard over the CBS west coast outlets from 07/10/48 to 12/18/48.  This was a transition program for Webb, coming from Pat Novak--  For Hire and moving to the beginning of Dragnet.  Along with Jack Webb in the title role, also heard was Wilms Herbert as Lyon.  E. Jack Neuman was the writer and Sterling Tracy produced.  The series was continued from 10/05/49 to 08/27/50
with first Frank Graham and then Paul Dubov in the role of Regan and this time the role of Lyon was played by Frank Nelson.
C07593 07/17/48 The Prodigal Daughter
              07/24/48 The Lonesome Lady
C07594 07/31/48 The Lady With The Golden Hair
              08/07/48 The Man Who Liked The Mountains
C07595 08/14/48 Diamond Quartette
              08/21/48 The Man Who Came Back
C07596 08/28/48 The Man In The Door
              09/04/48 House By The Sea
C07597 09/11/48 Cain & Able & The Santa Maria
              09/25/48 Lady With No Name
C07598 10/02/48 The Man With The Key
              10/09/48 Too Many Mrs. Rogers
C07599 10/16/48 Lost Lady
              11/06/48 The Lady With Too Much Hair
C07600 11/13/48 The Guy From Gower Gulch
              11/20/48 Pilgrim's Progress
C07601 11/27/48 The Man Who Fought Back
              12/04/48 The Lawyer & The Lady
C07602 12/11/48 The Gambler & The Lady
              12/18/48 The Man Who Lived Down By The Sea
C09760 10/19/49 # 3 The Lady From Brazil
              10/26/49 # 4 The Lady Who Wanted To Live
C09761 11/02/49 # 5 The Man In Black
              11/09/49 # 6 The Little Man's Lament
C07605 11/16/49 Two Little Sisters
C14123 12/21/49 Some Enchanted Carhop
              04/26/50 It All Comes Back To Me Now
C14124 06/18/50 They've Got More Than Coffee In Brazil
              06/25/50 No Sad Clowns For Me
C19876 07/09/50 #41 She's Lovely, She's Engaged, She Eats Soy Beans
              07/30/50 #44 A Fire For Romano
C19877 08/06/50 #45 There's Nothing Like A Pork Chop When Supper Rolls Around
              08/27/50 #48 Gentlemen Prefer Horses