Radio Memories

Let's Pretend


C13185 09/05/42 The Elves & The Shoemaker (VG)
              09/12/42 The Water Of Life (VG)
C13186 09/19/42 The Magic Ring (VG)
              12/26/42 The House Of The World (VG)
C13187 01/23/43 The Golden Touch (VG)
              00/00/00 How Six Traveled Through The World
C13395 Beauty & The Beast (Flux, Flutter, Hum, Low Volume)
              Princess Moonbeam
              Dick Whittington's Cat (Low Volume)
C13396 Jack & The Beanstalk
              Faithful John
              Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves
C13188 Snow Drop & The Seven Dwarfs
              The Magic Cuckoo
C13189 Cinderella (Rough Start)
              The Twelve Dancing Princesses
C13190 Rumplestltskin
              The White Cat
C13191 Hop O' My Thumb
              The Brave Little Tailor (Volume Drop)
C13192 The Emperor's New Clothes