Radio Memories



C16151 01/30/50 The Lumber King Of Timber Mountain
              02/01/50 Polluted Waters (Lt X-Talk)
C16152 02/03/50 Satan In The Devil's Herd (Lt X-Talk)
              02/06/50 Chief Lightfoot & The Buffalo
C16153 02/15/50 Whisperfoot
              03/03/50 Wild Life Acres
C16154 03/06/50 Vampires From The Deep
              03/08/50 Killer That Strikes From The Sky
C16155 03/17/50 Rapids Of No Return
              03/20/50 The Rabid Foxes
C16156 03/22/50 The Eye Glass Monster
              03/24/50 The Deluge
C16157 03/27/50 Terror Of The Big Horn
              04/03/50 Coyotes Of The Sky
C16158 04/19/50 Miracle Man Of Junction Valley
              04/24/50 The Thumping Beaver
C16159 04/26/50 Guardians Of Teepee Rock
              05/10/50 Mystery Of The Missing Deer
C16160 05/15/50 The Snake Hill Survey
              05/17/50 Claws Of The Killer Bear
C16166 09/22/50 The White Camel
              09/25/50 Purse Strings Of Danger
C16165 10/06/50 Highway Of Terror
              10/09/50 Monster Of The Gulf
C16164 10/11/50 The Forty Year Freeze
              10/13/50 The Witch Of Lost Forest
C16163 10/16/50 Strange Invitation Of Death
              10/18/50 Wings Of The Vampire
C16162 10/20/50 Killer's Of The Lost Forest
              10/23/50 The Sticks Of Fear
C16161 10/25/50 The Silver Sky
              10/27/50 The Avenging Arrow