Radio Memories



     Produced in Los Angeles by radio station KFI in 1946, it was heard on WJZ New York from 09/16/46 to 09/08/47.  Many well known radio actors appeared on this series, Elspeth Eric, Mercedes McCambridge, Berry Kroeger, and Lawson Zerbe to name a few.  This program will remind you of Suspense, Inner Sanctum and Molle Mystery in its format.  Anton M. Leader directed.
C05706 06/29/46 The Secret Of XR-3
              09/14/46 Till Death Do Us Part
C05707 09/21/46 Murder Is A Lonely Business
              10/05/46 The Cabala
C05708 10/12/46 The Ace Of Death
              10/26/46 Death Tolls A Requiem
C05709 11/02/46 The 13th Floor
              11/09/46 The Line Is Dead
C05710 11/16/46 Death Across The Board
              11/23/46 Murder Out Of Mind
C05711 11/30/46 Death's Worshipper
              12/28/46 The Ape Song
C05712 The Dead Hand
              The Man Who Was Death
C05713 Wherever I Go
              Trigger Man
C05714 Death's Goblet
              The Heavy Death
C05715 Nightmare
              The Dead Come Back
C05716 Terror Out Of Space
              The Creeper
C05717 The Man Who Died Yesterday
              The Man With The Black Beard