Radio Memories



     MUTUAL aired this 52 episodes drama series that was produced by the BBC.  The museum contains items used in murder cases and were the clues in solving the crime.  Starring Orson Welles, it was heard  from 01/01/52 until 12/30/52.  Harry Alan Towers was the producer.
C01198 The Brass Button
              A Jar Of Acid
C01199 A Canvas Bag
              A Wooden Mallet
C01200 The Tan Shoe
              A .22 Caliber Pistol
C01201 A Piece Of Iron Chain
              A Jack Handle
C01202 A Claw Hammer
              A Powder Puff
C01203 A Length Of Sash Cord
              The Mandolin String
C01204 The Raincoat
              The Champagne Glass
C01205 The Telegram
              A Lady's Shoe
C01206 The Gladstone Bag
              The Postcard
C01207 Four Small Bottles
              The Hammerhead
C01208 The Leather Bag
              A .32 Caliber Bullet
C01209 The Bathtub
              Kilroy Was Here
C01210 The Shopping Bag
              Meat Juice
C01211 A Service Card
              A Dictionary
C01212 A Prescription
              The Receipt
C01213 A Glove
              A Trunk
C01214 A Silencer
              A Letter
C01215 A Shilling
              Two Bullets
C01216 The Straight Razor
              Small, White Boxes
C01217 Glass Shards
              An Open End Wrench
C01218 The Door Key
              A Car Tire
C01219 The Bloodstained Brick Bat
              The Wool Jacket
C01220 A Bed Sheet
              A Tartaned Scarf