Radio Memories



     From 11/25/44 until the end on 09/28/58, CBS had one of the best crime dramas on radio.  A number of sponsors were heard over the years, Wildroot Cream Oil, Lucky Strikes, Nescafe and Wrigley's Gum, but none had the unusually strong identification as did Lava Soap.  L-A-V-A and the drum beat is still remembered to this day.  Martin Blaine starred as FBI agent Sheppard.
C04488 09/15/49 State vs. James O'Dell
              02/23/50 Criminal Proposition
C04489 08/02/51 Unfinished Business
              08/07/52 The Fence
C04490 06/10/53 The Traveling Man
              07/04/58 Retirement Plan
C14448 Double Play
              The Silver Pearl
C04491 The Eighty Grand Exit
              $25,000 Bond
C04492 The Target
              The Scientific Touch
C04493 The Good Boy
              The Serious Type
C04494 Room For Improvement
              The Windfall
C04495 The Executive Type
              The Smoke Ring
C04496 The Royal Treatment
              Dumb Luck
C05577 Chaplain James