Radio Memories



     Originally produced from 1935 to the mid 1940's in Detroit, from WJR radio, it was widely syndicated on disc and was one of the early radio horror shows.  Olga Coal was the sponsor, and John Kent was heard as the hermit.  Three other actors were also heard playing the lead: Charles Penman, Toby Grimmer and Klock Ryder.  G.A. Richards owned WJR, and the following programs were produced at his West Coast facility, KMPC in Los Angeles, and syndicated from 1940 to 1944.  These were produced by Bill Forman and William Conrad, both would later rise to greater fame.  Mel Johnson is the voice of The Hermit until 1943 when the lead was taken over by John Dehner.
C03320 Notebook On Murder
              The Story Without End
C03321 Reflected Image Of The Desert
              Blackness Of Terror
C03322 House Of Murder
              House On Lost Land's Bluff
C03323 Mystery Of The Strange Thing
              The Search For Life
C03324 Spirit Vengeance
              It Happened On Sunday
C03325 The Vampire's Desire
              The Black Band
C03326 House Of Purple Shadows
              The Author Of Murder
C03327 The Nameless Day
              The Spirit Of Vengeance
C03328 Buried Alive
              The House With A Past
C16457 1945 Plantation Mystery
              1945 Fever
C16455 The Professor's Elixir
              The Crimson Hand